Quality data.More quality time.

GLJ Insights: Futures Pricing empowers you to make timely, informed, and quality controlled decisions for the benefit of your business. Know what your assets (or someone else’s) are worth at today’s market prices – in your inbox, as often as you need them.

Your time – and money – are everything. Rather than spending it gathering and quality controlling the numbers you require, we generate the information you need so you can focus on what’s important – analyzing the information.

With Futures Pricing, you will benefit from:

  • Time savings and convenience Get all the data you need from one reliable source 
  • Frequency Receive the information as often as every business day.
  • Quality control and reliability Our automated process has multiple embedded checks to provide accurate numbers, eliminating human error and inconsistencies.
  • Defendable numbers We have the expertise to answer any question about what’s behind the numbers.
  • Secondary pricing Our post-gathering process applies logic and judgement to derive secondary products for which data is not available in any transparent public market — providing valuable, independent, intelligent numbers.


How Futures Pricing Works

  1. Sign up and choose daily, weekly or monthly emails.
  2. Our Futures Pricing data is delivered to your inbox at your desired frequency in four convenient formats every time: PDF, Excel, Value Navigator and Mosaic.
  3. Contact us if you need clarification or further insight on any of the numbers.
  4. Become more productive with your extra time!

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